Our Team

John Glover, Executive Director

John Glover brings decades of social change management, advocacy, and public health experience to his role as Executive Director at Well House.
Most recently, Glover served as director of the Open Door Program at Fort Street Presbyterian Church of Detroit where they serve some of the City’s most vulnerable populations.
“I am excited to join Well House—an organization that boldly challenges the major problem of homelessness and so doggedly pursues its solution with clarity of purpose.  ‘The solution to homelessness is housing’ is more than a philosophical framing.  It is a declaration that social problems are, by definition, socially constructed; so too are the solutions.”
With a Masters in Urban Policy Analysis and Management, from the Robert J. Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy at the New School University and a Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Behavioral and Social Sciences, John self-identifies as a social change agent determined to bring added value to any environment that welcomes his input.

“The answer to homelessness is still housing and that is what we do here.”

Alec Beattie, Farmer

We asked him why am he was interested in working with Well House:

“When I would see someone on the streets holding a sign up that says “homeless”, I always wondered “how?” How can someone be put in that position, and how did we as a society allow someone to be in that position. It always left a weird feeling in my stomach, and I felt like there had to be something I could do about it. Well House became that something.”

Nika Kusmierz, Communications & Resource Specialist

Nika graduated in 2014 from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology. Her most recent work has included positions at Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids as well as Kent County Girls on the Run. Nika is very excited to join Well House; a community-based nonprofit where the mission is not only doable, it is necessary.

In her spare time, Nika is the co-chair of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Grand Rapids (YNPN-GR) and is a Big Sister through D.A. Blodgett Mentoring Services. She spends her time volunteering at numerous nonprofits in Grand Rapids including BLEND, The Diatribe, EquityPac, and Kent County Girls on the Run.

Gwen Nathan, Receptionist

Gwen started at Well House in the summer of 2015 after working at Grand Rapids city Hall, Women’s Resource Center, and Michigan Works. As receptionist, Gwen handles all phone calls, visitors, and helps tenants with finding resources in the area. Her favorite part about working at Well House is working toward the mission that Marian Clements started in 1979. In her spare time, Gwen enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in the community.

Jean Olds, Housing Specialist

Jean started at Well House in July of 2013.  She comes to Well House with a wealth of knowledge and expertise of social services  and community support services that are available in Kent County.  Jean has a degree in Family Studies from Western Michigan University.  Jean is a hard worker, extremely dedicated, and cares deeply for each and every Well House tenant.

David Patillo, Resident Supervisor

David is the Resident Supervisor at our Youth Home. He has always had a passion for mentoring young adults within the Grand Rapids Community which is why he jumped at the opportunity to work for Well House after seeing the advertisement on television.

When David is not mentoring young adults at Well House or through his football program, he works full time at a local factory and enjoys spending time with his family.

Jodi Smith, Housing Specialist & Outreach Coordinator

Jodi started at Well House as an intern in January 2013 and became a full-time staff member only 4 months later. Jodi has a background in early childhood education and a degree in human development. She brings an incredible amount of high energy, creativity, and passion to the organization.

Board of Directors 2017

Derek DeVries, Board President, Digital Strategist,
Lambert, Edwards and Associates

Derek DeVries is a digital strategist at Lambert, Edwards & Associates (LE&A). His areas of expertise include social media marketing, crisis communications, online reputation management, digital branding, web development, and counsel on all things Internet-related. Prior to joining LE&A, Derek worked for PR/marketing agencies including 834 Marketing and Design and spent 11 years in higher education providing public relations, social media marketing and communications support for Grand Rapids Community College. In addition to his duties at LE&A, Derek also teaches advertising/public relations part-time at Grand Valley State University.

Austin Dean, Principle Consultant, BBCetc.

Austin Dean is a principle consultant for Michigan based BBCetc., which specializes in helping small businesses gain access to federal R&D programs. Before his time with BBCetc. he served as the operations director for Start Garden Inc. a local business incubator and accelerator for early stage companies. He has served in leadership and technical roles at GR Current, Merrill Lynch and Charter Capital Partners.
Austin is originally from Northwest Ohio, but makes his home in Grand Rapids with his wife Victoria. He attended Grand Valley State University for both his undergraduate and MBA degrees in finance. He is an advocate for equal opportunity, social enterprise and public education.

Brent Geers, Estate Planning Attorney/Owner, Geers Law

Brent Geers specializes in helping people empower those they trust and provide for those they love. Brent has been an attorney since 2012, working with individuals and families to marshal their time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of their children, family, and community. He is a Grand Rapids Business Journal “40 Under 40” honoree, and currently operates his own practice, Geers Law.

Brent is married to an educator, who employs his services as a chaperone for various school functions. He is also a father to a daughter determined to break down barriers for women everywhere.

Lisa Rios, Partner, Edward Jones

Lisa Rios is a partner with Edward Jones and has been helping West Michigan families achieve their financial goals for the better part of two decades. Lisa is madly in love with her native town of Grand Rapids and has participated in many community and philanthropic organizations over the years. As a community activist, she believes no one should be without a safe place to call home. From her research, Lisa was impressed with the effectiveness of Well House in providing both a home and dignity to Grand Rapids’ homeless community and knew she had to be part of the organization. Lisa and her husband Michael strive to instill that same sense of community and desire to give in their two boys.

Theodore Janga-Ngalma Ndawillie II, Musician, Composer, Music Teacher

Grand Rapids-based composer, keyboardist, percussionist and cyclist Theo Ndawillie II spends most of his time performing and writing with his band Vox Vidorra, teaching at Triumph Music Academy, and working on commissions. Theo has been commissioned by the Grand Rapids Symphony, ADAPT Theatre Company, Symmetry Films (shehimher), and others. His hobbies include finding various ways to combine his musical endeavors with various forms of environmental and social activism. Having grown up as 1 of 2 birth children in a foster home of 14, he has a firm belief in Well House’s compassionate approach to ending homelessness, the Housing First model, and is elated to serve on the board beginning in 2016.

Elsa Kerr, Retired Marketing Communications Professional, Workforce Development

Elsa Kerr has worked in both the corporate and non-profit sectors of marketing and community relations. Her non-profit focus has been on helping individuals develop the skills and tools to become self-sufficient through employment. Recognizing that stable housing is the foundation to building independence, Elsa has joined the 2016 Well House Board of Directors and is ready to support and build upon the organization’s mission and goals.

Elsa has also served on the Board of Directors of the YWCA West Central Michigan from 2004-2012, fulfilling the role of Board Chair from 2008-2010. She continues to actively support the organization today.

Matt O’Connor

Matt joined the board of Well House in Fall 2015 with a strong belief in the organization’s mission and Housing First model. Matt enjoys collaborating with other board members and business owners in the community to end homelessness. Matt and his wife Julie live in East Grand Rapids with their two dogs.

Toresa Blakely, CPLC, Owner, In Life Now Enterprises

Toresa also known as Coach TMB is passionate about seeing people learn how to “live their best life in life now.” She is the founder of In Life Now Enterprises, a talk media and empowerment company that brings inspirational flare to discussing real issues, real people experience while providing real solutions. Toresa is the author of two books, Return from the Brink of Disaster and Pressing Towards the Mark – It’s Now What You Think and frequently serves as a keynote speaker. In 2016 Toreas joined the Magic 104.9 fm family. Toresa knows firsthand the effects of homelessness

Bryant Mitchell, Realtor & Owner, Sunday Dinner, A Real Estate Company

My passion for Real Estate began to heighten during my sophomore year at Western Michigan University, I was faced with the choice between making the leap to purchase my first home or to continue renting collegiate housing. I decided to purchase a single family fixer upper and become a Landlord at the age of 19. This initial leap was actually the beginnings of my Real Estate career. I began an apprenticeship with a successful Kalamazoo Realtor, and was advised that a career within the multi-faceted world of Real Estate would be an excellent path. The Enthusiasm, Love and Knowledge of this industry is what I became passionate for, and I was determined to peruse this passion. After graduating from WMU, I “Flipped” two properties and had successfully passed the Michigan Real Estate Licensing Exam at the age of 21.

In 2014 my wife and I were blessed with twin boys, with this change came a change of thought process, goal setting and overall spirituality. As a company BRYANT| Real Estate Group has always been focused on giving back within our community. As our organization continued to grow in volume and size we noticed that the impact we could be initiating within our local communities was being looked over. Instead of relaying our marketing dollars towards auxiliary lead sources, which have no local impact, let’s shift our marketing monies to benefit local community. For our organization that looked like our SUNDAY DINNER| initiatives program. This program gave each agent the ability to contribute 10% of their commissions directly to a passion that drives their particular client. This Movement went so well that as a company the SUNDAY DINNER| Initiatives raised over $11,000 our first year. When that year came to a close the decision was made to focus our business entirely on the impacting of communities. SUNDAY DINNER, a real estate company; was launched on May 16, 2016 and we look forward to the benefiting our community exponentially.

Heather Cronkright, Mortgage Loan Officer, Lake Michigan Credit Union

Heather has a significant professional history with Steelcase, in sales and customer service, Clark Financial as a mortgage broker, and Polaris Home Funding in underwriting and pre-closing roles. She is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating Gallery Allure beauty salon of Grand Rapids.

I am a major SOCCER mom and enjoy watching my boys play.  My youngest, Mason, is a Freshman for Jenison and has made the Varsity team for his first high school career of soccer.  My oldest, Isaiah, was playing for Trinity Christian College but came back home to attend GRCC full time.  I enjoy movies, music, the arts, trying new cuisine’s and local restaurants and cooking/baking.  I am at most peace in my life when I’m near the water or onstage leading praise and worship wherever I attend church.  I am currently at Fair Haven Church in Hudsonville.

I am filled with a servant’s heart and love helping people achieve their potential and realize their worthiness – no matter where their life choices have taken them.  It’s never too late to find yourself!